Thank you for visiting my Web site and for taking the time to learn more about my writing. I also hope you enjoy exploring some of the things in life that I enjoy...

Step inside and see what those are. But here are some clues:
~~being silly
~~making others laugh
(do you see a pattern here?)
~~riding the mechanical bull and falling off
(another pattern)
~~being so still I can watch wild critters do their thing
~~My family
~~Mexican food
~~Chinese food
~~Vietnamese food
(maybe I should just say food.)
Yeah, I like story in all its forms.
~~Last, but really first, trying to figure out the intricacies of a God who actually seeks out a relationship with me and how to live life accordingly. How does real faith meet real life? How do you build a relationship with someone who makes you tremble? How you do build a relationship with someone who is often silent, feels distant and invisible? How do you both worship a holy, perfect God, and yet be a beloved child at the same time? It's quite the journey. 

Living life to the fullest,



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