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Lissa at General Palmer's Castle at Glen Eyrie, Colorado

I'm the crazy girl on the left. Even though I'm a California girl born and raised, I've fallen in love with snow and Colorado.
Although most of my writings are for teens, I am working on a women's literary fiction book.
I have recently written a couple of nonfiction books. The most recent was Kirk Cameron's (Growing Pains, Fireproof) autobiography. We had a great time trying to figure out which of the many events of his life should be included, and which could be left out. He is terribly funny, passionately in love with his wife and kids.
I also thoroughly enjoyed writing his mother's story. Barbara Cameron is an awesome woman with a generous heart. She also happens to be the mother of four amazing kids--two who were at the top of Hollywood in the 80's. Kirk Cameron played Mike Seaver on Growing Pains and his sister, Candace Cameron, played DJ on Full House. Their other sisters played as extras and bit parts during those years. I encourage you to read the story, A Full House of Growing Pains.
Although I have dabbled in nonfiction, my real love is fiction. However, nonfiction story, such as Kirk's and Barbara's books are just as fun. You see, story is what I love. Story gives me passion. Story teaches me better than nonfiction ever could. Story in all its forms (movie, theater, books, from people) give me the spark of life.
I hope you, too, enjoy all the stories you can find.




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